October 2020



Anguillians and residents wishing to return – as already advised the formal repatriation programme will end on 31 October other than for persons who have left Anguilla for medical reasons approved by the Chief Medical Officer. Anguillians and residents wishing to return after 31 October will be able to do so through the visitor route and portal which can be found at www.ivisitanguilla.com.

The pre-arrival requirements for Anguillians and residents wishing to return remain unchanged:

i. pre-arrival approval from the Chief Medical Officer. This will require evidence of a negative PCR (polymerase chain reaction) COVID-19 test conducted no less than 3 and no more than 5 days prior to the planned date of arrival;

ii. mandatory COVID-19 testing on arrival, at the end of the quarantine period prior to discharge, or at any stage during quarantine if symptoms develop; andiii. mandatory quarantine for a minimum of 10 days for persons arriving from locations with a low prevalence of Covid-19, and 14 days for persons returning to Anguilla from locations with a high prevalence of Covid-19.

On 26 October, Executive Council agreed one change to previous return arrangements. From 1 November, 2020 all Anguillians and residents will be allowed to quarantine in their own property, irrespective of the location they have come from provided the property they declare they are intending to quarantine in has been inspected and approved by the Ministry of Health.

Should that property fail the Ministry of Health’s inspection, the returning person(s) must quarantine in a Government of Anguilla approved facility at their own expense.

Persons intending to return are advised that pre-arrival approval will not be issued before the property intended to be used for quarantine has been inspected.

Fees payable by Anguillians and residents wishing to return remain unchanged and can be found at www.ivisitanguilla.com.

Persons intending to visit Anguilla – persons who are neither Anguillians nor permanent residents can register their interest to visit Anguilla via the dedicated portal – www.ivisitanguilla.com. Prospective visitors should note that approval to enter will be at the discretion of the Chief Medical Officer and include specific protocols.

Regulation of ports – given the global deteriorating situation border regulations will remain in place under 12 December. The following categories of persons will however be able to enter and leave Anguilla without restrictions:

i. anyone wishing to leave Anguilla;

ii. medical emergencies and evacuations approved by the Chief Medical Officer; and

iii. Anguillians, residents and visitors who have received pre-arrival approval from the Chief Medical Officer.

Regulation of boat use – on 26 October, Executive Council extended the regulations governing the movement of vessels in Anguilla’s waters until 12 December. The current exemptions relating to cargo, emergency services for the transportation of emergency personnel or equipment remain in place. In addition the revised Regulation allows for:

i. fishing to the north of the island, including at night, with the prior approval of the Commissioner of Police; and

ii. owners or boat captains to provide scheduled ferry services between Anguilla and Dutch Sint Maarten following approval of Commissioner of Police.

COVID-19 testing for outward travel – recognising the need to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test prior to travel, the Health Authority will continue to provide these tests at a cost of US$100 per person.

Let us remind you again of the Ministry of Health hotline on COVID-19. The number is 1-264- 476- 7627 that is 476 SOAP, or 1-264- 584- 4263, that is 584-HAND.

You can also access the most recent guidance and information at www.beatcovid19.ai