July 2021

Covid-19 Update as of 15th July 2021



The Premier and I would like to update you on the current Covid-19 situation and to remind you there are less than two weeks left now before the vaccinations on island expire.


Currently, there are no active cases on island. This is good news and demonstrates that the strict entry protocols in place and the careful management of them by our committed health team, are working.


It is inevitable that Covid-19 will return to Anguilla but we have to learn to live with Covid-19 and, using appropriate measures, return as best as we can to normalcy. Vaccination remains the most effective measure to protecting your individual health and the health of our nation. To date, just over 9,362 individuals have received the first dose of the vaccine and 8,446 individuals have received their second dose. These numbers are excellent, but we have not reached herd immunity.

It is therefore vitally important that you become fully vaccinated by taking your second dose before the vaccines we have on island expire on 31 July. If you are yet to take your first dose vaccine it’s not too late to do so. The UK Government has confirmed they will provide second dose vaccines or anyone who takes their first dose vaccine before 31 July.

Vaccine ID Cards and Travel Requirements

Proof of vaccination is becoming increasingly a requirement of entry in a number of countries. The Ministry of Health issued vaccine ID card carries a QR code that will enable international authorities to verify your full vaccine status.

Please go to James Ronald Webster Park drive-thru to get vaccinated – every weekday until 4pm – from today there are just 11 days left for you to become vaccinated by 31 July. No appointments are necessary – just turn up with a form of photo ID. Please do not regret waiting, go and get vaccinated.

Border Breach

You will have seen that the Royal Anguilla Police Force issued a press release on 10 July notifying the public of a possible breach of our border controls. One person entered the island illegally, assisted, it is believed by two other persons. They were detained and thankfully, tested negative for covid-19. As we saw in April with the cluster of cases, illegal and by definition, untested entry into Anguilla is our greatest risk. Anyone who sees any persons entering, or trying to enter Anguilla illegally, should call the Police Station on 497- 2333 / 5333. Your vigilance will help to protect us all from such selfish and irresponsible acts and we thank you for your support.

May God bless you and may God continue to bless Anguilla.