August 2021

COVID-19 Update as of August 26th, 2021



The Premier and I would like to update you on the current Covid-19 situation.


As of 9 am today, 26 August there are 45 confirmed active cases of Covid-19 on island. All individuals are in isolation. Track and trace investigations are ongoing with more than 900 individuals screened since 08 August. Samples sent off-island for genomic sequencing have confirmed the presence of the Delta variant in Anguilla

The Ministry of Health has previously identified clusters of cases that emerged from poorly ventilated indoor spaces. Currently, the main transmission is occurring among household and other close contacts.

The majority of positive cases are asymptomatic or show mild symptoms. This is a testament to the effectiveness of the vaccine in reducing severe COVID-19 symptoms. However, given that the symptoms are often mild, please consider self-isolation at home and testing if you are experiencing any cold or flu like symptoms, such as a mild cough or a runny nose. Please do call the COVID hotline for more information if you are unsure.
Unvaccinated persons are at higher risk of contracting severe COVID-19 which may require hospitalisation. We urge those of you who are not vaccinated to make every effort to protect yourselves, your loved-ones and your co-workers.

New Measures
In light of the current COVID-19 situation, Executive Council has agreed the following:

From today 26 August

  • Mass gatherings are limited to a maximum of 25 persons at any one time for both indoor and outdoor settings under the Public Health (Temporary Restrictions on Movement of People and Public Gatherings) Regulations.
  • For indoor settings, social distancing of a least 3 feet or 1 meter must be kept between people at all times. Additionally, public health regulations continue to mandate the wearing of masks in indoor public spaces with a penalty for breaches.

From 01 October

  • To help cover the cost associated with the testing regime, Executive Council agreed to a testing fee of USD $200 for all visitors and fully vaccinated returning residents. The entry and surveillance fee for un-vaccinated residents of USD $600 will remain.

Clarification of measures introduced on 23 August

Executive Council recognised the need for clarification concerning the definition of villa as it relates to quarantine requirements and has made the following clarification:

The term “villa” refers to villas licensed to operate as a villa rental business under the Villa Rental Business Regulations Act and approved under the Safe Environment Certification scheme.

  • Visitors staying at a licensed villa for less than 7 days will be tested on arrival, must remain on property until arrival test negative result. No requirement for 4 day quarantine.
  • Visitors staying at a licensed villa for 7 days or more will be tested on arrival and must quarantine at property for 4 days (until negative result of day 4 test).

For quarantine and testing requirements currently in force we have created a chart which sets out the various requirements for arriving visitors and residents. This chart has been posted on facebook and has been distributed to the media.

Vaccine update

In the coming weeks, vaccines for those in need of their second dose will be arriving on island.
The Ministry of Health is also asking for persons who would like their first dose and persons with children between the ages of 12 and 17 to register their interest for vaccination on the website. This will ensure that we receive enough doses for everyone who wants to be vaccinated.

Playing your part

The steps we have all been taking will continue to help keep us safe and save lives. So once again, we urge you all to take the simple steps:

  • respect the current mask and social distancing regulations
  • wash your hands frequently;
  • cover coughs and sneezes with a disposable tissue, or in the crook of a flexed elbow;
  • frequently clean and disinfect shared spaces and work surfaces; and
  • avoid contact with persons suffering from or exhibiting symptoms of acute respiratory infections such as the flu, coughs, and colds.

Let us remind you of the Ministry of Health hotline on COVID-19. The number is 1-264- 476- 7627 that is 476 SOAP, or 1-264- 584- 4263, that is 584-HAND.

The Ministry of Health will publish guidance and information at

May God bless you and may God continue to bless Anguilla.