March 2020

Further school closures


The Ministry and Department of Education inform all principals, staff, parents and students that the closure of schools is further extended until 3rd April 2020. This is in keeping with the national strategy to minimise the risk of transmission of the disease.

To appropriately plan for lesson delivery during this extended period, public school teachers are required to report to work tomorrow 18th March 2020 and for the remainder of this week. In keeping with safety advisories, teachers are asked to work in small groups and to observe the recommended social distances.

Parents are asked to ensure that students complete assigned work and that appropriate arrangements are in place for the care and supervision of students at home. Employers are encouraged to consider flexible working arrangements for parents to support this national effort.
The public is reminded to remain calm and to follow the advisories from the Ministry of Health.

Honourable Cora Richardson Hodge Minister of Home Affairs and Education 17th March 2020