April 2020

Remarks Made by the Minister of Health New Health Regulations


My fellow Anguillians.

Today I signed new regulations approved of Executive Council under section 8 of the Public Health Act, R.S.A. c. P125 as a critical part of Anguilla’s COVID-19 response. These regulations take effect immediately.

The Government of Anguilla invested considerable human and financial resources over the last four months to ensure that the national response to the pandemic was aggressive, robust and agile in the face of a rapidly-moving fluid situation. Our efforts so far have paid off and I am proud today that Anguilla has not reported a positive COVID-19 case in the last 33 days. This makes Anguilla one of only six countries and territories worldwide who can claim this feat.

In light of the fact that is no evidence of active transmission at this time, and our three confirmed cases have recovered, the Government of Anguilla recently decided to de-escalate some measures which were in place to control the movement of people and public gatherings. 

I would like to commend the public for its support and understanding over the last month of these restrictions. It is our plan to use the next month to re-inforce preventive measures in order to ensure long-lasting behaviour change within our community. This is important in light of the fact that Anguilla is still dealing with the international implications of the pandemic as it continues to unfold around us.

Therefore, for the next month, between April 30 and May 31, 2020, the regulations I signed today are geared at restricting public gatherings in the island, and continuing the social-distancing measures that have been in place since March 27, 2020.

More specifically, the assembly or meeting of more than 25 persons in a public place as well as the assembly of more than 25 persons in a private place is prohibited between today and May 31, 2020. Additionally, no person for this period shall host or attend public parties on the beach or on the mainland, a recreational or competitive sporting event, a meeting of a fraternal society, a private or social club or civic association or organisation; or any other social event in a public place other than the following: 

(a) persons attending churches, weddings and funerals; 

(b) persons assembling for the purpose of work; 

(c) persons attending schools; or

(d) persons attending company meetings.

The regulations also continue to impose the social distancing measures in those instances when and where persons are allowed to meet. More specifically, persons shall at all times, remain a minimum of 3 ft. away from any other person while in groups of no more than 25 as allowed in the regulation.

Any place that is open to the public between now and May 31, must ensure that physical distancing requirements are in place for that establishment to operate in accordance with the regulations. More specifically, every establishment shall determine the number of persons that may be permitted in any establishment at any one time by permitting one person for every 30 square feet of floor space; and ensure that distance markers are placed at a minimum of 3 feet apart on the floor space of such establishments, indicating where customers must stand while waiting inside the building

While the Ministry is confident that most residents will abide by these new and necessary regulations, kindly note that any person who fails or neglects to carry out or infringes any provisions of these regulations, is guilty of an offence and is liable upon summary conviction to a fine of $2,500 or to imprisonment for a term of 6 months or to both.

Finally, as Minister of Health I hereby indicate that these regulations are made in the best interest of the public, in a measured way, and in keeping with public health principles and practice. Stay safe. May God bless Anguilla.