October 2021

COVID-19 Update: 72 Active Cases


The following is an update since the press release of October 15th. An additional 30 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed. They are as follows:

  • 16 contacts of positive cases:
    • 11 household contacts –four fully vaccinated adult females, four unvaccinated adult males, one unvaccinated adult female and two unvaccinated minors
    • Three social contacts – two fully vaccinated adult males and one unvaccinated minor
    • Two workplace contacts – one fully vaccinated adult female and one unvaccinated adult male
  • One fully vaccinated adult female who returned from the Dominican Republic and tested positive at the end of quarantine
  • 13 residents with no history of recent travel who were tested due to symptoms compatible with COVID-19: two fully vaccinated adult females, three fully vaccinated adult males, four unvaccinated adult females, two unvaccinated adult males and two unvaccinated minors

All persons are under isolation and contact tracing and investigations are ongoing.

There was one additional hospital admission since the last release bringing the total number of current hospitalizations to six. All have underlying risk conditions for severe COVID-19:

  • The latest admission is a fully vaccinated male who was admitted in a stable condition.
  • The two fully vaccinated adult females remain in a stable condition.
  • The unvaccinated adult male is currently in a serious condition
  • The fully vaccinated elderly adult male with several underlying risk conditions for severe COVID-19 remains in a serious condition.

Thirty-eight persons have recovered. The total number of confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020 is 698 with 72 active cases at this time.

Recall that COVID-19 is often more severe in people 60 years and older or with underlying health conditions like diabetes, heart or lung disease, or conditions that affect their immune system. These recent developments are an illustration of the foregoing. Furthermore, the risk of severe COVID-19 (including death) increases as the number of underlying medical conditions increases in a person, and more so if unvaccinated. Therefore, persons with underlying risk factors for severe COVID-19, especially if unvaccinated, are advised to avoid social gatherings to minimize personal risk at this time.

Be reminded that those who have been placed under quarantine or isolation must remain separated from other individuals at all times until they are cleared to resume normal activities by the Quarantine Authority. The Ministry of Health asks that persons appreciate the importance of the testing protocols and follow the instructions of the members of the health team. Additionally, persons are asked to allow a 24to 48-hour turnaround time for results.

It is also of paramount importance for anyone experiencing symptoms compatible with COVID- 19 such as flu-like symptoms, cough, fever, sore throat, muscle aches, loss of taste or smell… to isolate immediately and call the Ministry’s hotlines 476-7627, that is 476 SOAP or 584-4263, that is 584-HAND. Out of an abundance of caution, anyone experiencing these symptoms should not report to work until cleared to do so by the Ministry of Health.

If you believe you may have been exposed to COVID-19, call the Ministry’s hotlines at 476- 7627, that is 476 SOAP or 584-4263, that is 584-HAND.

The wearing of masks in indoor public spaces is currently mandated in public health regulations with a penalty for breaches. Additionally, those living in multigenerational households and households with unvaccinated persons should consider mask wearing inside the homes in addition to hygienic precautions. This is especially crucial in cases where persons are experiencing symptoms, regardless of how mild.

In addition to minimizing the number of people gathering in your home, private indoor social gatherings involving unvaccinated minors such as sleepovers and parties are strongly discouraged at this time.

The Ministry of Health reminds the public to continue practicing hygienic measures to protect against COVID-19. These include

  • Frequent Handwashing – If water is unavailable, utilize an alcohol-based hand rub.
  • Covering coughs or sneezes with a disposable tissue or in the crook of a flexed elbow.
  • Avoiding contact with persons who are ill with symptoms of acute respiratory infections such as fever or cough.
  • Regularly cleaning surfaces and objects that are frequently touched or handled.

Questions or concerns can be directed to the Ministry’s hotlines at 476-7627, that is 476 SOAP or 584-4263, that is 584-HAND. The Ministry of Health will continue to provide timely updates through our media partners, our official Facebook page or at www.beatcovid19.ai.