Unemployment Assistance

The Government of Anguilla is pleased to announce the rollout of the Covid-19 unemployment assistance programmes.

We're here to help.

Select an option below to begin. Be sure to read the details to ensure that the option you choose is the right match.

SSB: Unemployment Assistance Benefit

Have you contributed to Social Security for 50 weeks or more?

If so, this form is for you.

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Anguilla Support: Unemployment Assistance

If you have never made a contribution to Social Security or...

If you have contributed for less than 50 weeks.

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What's the difference?

Social Security: Unemployment Assistance Anguilla Support: Unemployment Assistance

Must have contributed to Social Security for 50 weeks or more.

Unemployed or underemployed persons who are not receiving a benefit from Social Security may qualify if they meet the eligibility criteria.

Payments: EC$1,000.00 per month for 3 months.

Payments: EC$800.00 per month for 3 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Things you should know

Your contributions must add up to 50 weeks but if there was a break between contributions you still qualify.

Payments are processed at the end of each month. If you apply close to the end of the month, please allow at least a two week period for processing.

So long as you continue to meet the criteria, you will receive the assistance for 3 months (April to June 2020)