March 2021

COVID-19 Update: Second Vaccination Site to Open at Old South Hill Clinic


The Ministry of Health, in partnership with the Health Authority of Anguilla, announces the opening of a second vaccination site at the old South Hill Clinic starting today Monday, March 15th. Residents of Anguilla, especially those living in the western health district, are invited to walk in to receive the vaccine between the hours of 9am-3:30pm with a break at 12-1:00pm during this week.

Vaccination represents the best protection against the negative health effects of the COVID- 19 virus. The Ministry of Health is encouraging residents to take advantage of the opportunity to ensure Anguilla can vaccinate 70% of the population in a timely manner. Once this goal is achieved, the Ministry of Health can began to consider the relaxation of COVID-19 measures which have greatly impacted the economy of Anguilla.

Persons are also invited to walk in to the main site at the Princess Alexandra Hospital Mondays to Fridays 9am-3pm with a break at lunch.

While we get our vaccine coverage up to the critical mass, the Ministry of Health reminds the public to continue practicing hygienic measures to protect against COVID-19. These include:

  • Frequent Handwashing; if water is unavailable utilize an alcohol-based hand rub.
  • Covering coughs or sneezes with a disposable tissue or in the crook of a flexed elbow.
  • Avoiding contact with persons who are ill with symptoms of acute respiratory infections such as fever or cough.
  • Regularly cleaning surfaces and objects that are frequently touched or handled

Persons with any questions or concerns should call the Ministry’s hotlines at 476-7627, that is 476 SOAP or 584-4263, that is 584-HAND. Person who have been vaccinated and experience any side effects or adverse reactions are encouraged to report this at 235-4357 that is 235- HELP. The Ministry of Health will continue to provide timely updates through our media partners, our official Facebook page or at