April 2020

Oxygen Generating Station Installed at Hospital


On Tuesday 28 April, an oxygen generating station for Princess Alexandra Hospital was installed and commissioned for use. For the first time, the Health Authority of Anguilla can generate its own oxygen, saving recurrent costs and providing additional resilience to supplies for the hospital.

The unit has been specifically designed for the oxygen needs of the equipment used by the Health Authority of Anguilla and the commissioning of the unit was accelerated to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. The £53,500. cost was funded by the UK Government.

The Health Authority of Anguilla, CEO, Ms Maeza Demis-Adams said:
“the commissioning of the Oxygen Generating plant is part of the overall resiliency strategy for the Health Authority of Anguilla. We have much to celebrate ! The importance of this is even more evident as we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. This could not have been possible without the assistance and support of the UK Government, thank you FCO for making this a reality.”