April 2020

Repatriation Opportunity for Canadian Citizens


H.E. The Governor, the Government of Anguilla and Anguilla Air and Sea Ports Authority would like to inform the general public of a repatriation opportunity being considered to repatriate Canadian Citizens.

The Canadian High Commission in Barbados has communicated with LIAT representatives and have put together the following option for travel out of Anguilla to Barbados on Saturday April 4th 2020.

The Charter comes at a total cost of $35,000.00 USD which will have to be fully covered by the passengers. The deadline for this payment will be mid-day Friday the 3rd of April 2020. The final per person cost of the flight will depend on the number of people who confirm their intent to travel. LIAT will provide a medium for payments to be made via credit card over the telephone after an initial interest has been confirmed by passengers. The LIAT flight will provide space for a maximum of 31.

Only after receiving the total list of names will LIAT provide the per person cost for each passenger. Currently, if all 31 persons travel, the cost would be $1,129.04. Of course, this would be subject to change if the number of passengers is lower than 31.

All interested Canadians who wish to secure a seat on this charter should contact Ms Mimi Gratton at email: [email protected] or telephone; 1- (264) 235-2583 who is the volunteer Canadian Government warden in Anguilla.

Ms. Gratton will then relay the final list of names to the High Commission of Canada which will be sent to LIAT. LIAT will provide the passengers with the finalized cost of their ticket.