June 2020

Request for Adherence to Quarantine (COVID-19) Rules 2020 for Persons Wishing to Repatriate


The Ministry of Health requests that persons interested in returning to Anguilla adhere to the rules for repatriation. In accordance with the Quarantine (COVID-19) Rules 2020,

  • persons must apply for repatriation to Anguilla and
  • must be provided electronic authorization by Ministry of Health before commencing travel to Anguilla.

The borders of Anguilla remain closed to passenger travel, though authorized repatriation flights are allowed. All persons interested in returning to Anguilla are urged not to book any flights to neighbouring islands until electronic authorization is provided by the Ministry of Health through the Repatriation Team. Failure to heed this rule may result in penalties and no mechanism for onward travel to Anguilla.

Presently, the Repatriation Team is working on the processing of submitted applications. However, the approval of applications is dependent on quarantine capacity. This includes human resources for monitoring and security as well as accommodations. In total, our capacity for government facility quarantine is an estimated 100 persons with a maximum of 30 persons on home quarantine. To date, 419 persons have applied with 121 persons having being repatriated thus far.

The Ministry of Health understands the desire for persons to return home swiftly. However, this must be balanced by our capacity to ensure as safe and equitable a process as possible. The further patience of those still awaiting repatriation and their families is requested to ensure that persons are returned in an orderly manner.

The Ministry will continue to provide timely updates through our media partners, our official Facebook page and the beatcovid19.ai website.